Monday, April 10, 2017

Google's AI seeks further Go glory

AlphaGo will soon challenge a Chinese teenager, recognised by many as the world's top player.

Of course, a bunch of Twitter users want to buy the company and turn it into a co-op

A group of Twitter diehards started a petition encouraging the company to sell itself to its users, which would essentially turn Twitter into a co-op.

Two Twitter execs left more than $35 million in stock awards on the table when they quit last year

Twitter's top executives are very well paid, but that still didn't stop many from leaving the struggling social communications company.

Microsoft, eBay and Tencent invest $1.4 billion in India’s e-commerce giant Flipkart

Flipkart, India's leading e-commerce marketplace, announced Monday that it has received investments totaling $1.4 billion from Microsoft, eBay and Tencent, taking the company's value to $11.6 billion.

Top 5 laptops with the best battery life video - CNET

Every notebook on this list can survive a normal eight-hour workday and then some.

Dallas warning sirens 'set off by hacker'

All 156 warning sirens in Dallas suddenly sounded just before midnight on Friday, waking people up.

Man creates a jet engine powered suit and other news

BBC Click's Kathleen Hawkins looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories.

Humans and Google AI to battle it out again over Go - CNET

Google's AlphaGo AI last year took down South Korean Go master Lee Sedol. Next month, it'll take on Chinese champion Ke Jie.

CEO Secrets: Yogscast boss tells YouTubers 'Do it for love'

The boss of Yogscast, which has 23 million subscribers, reveals his secrets for success on YouTube.

Think about the jobs A.I. will create, not what it'll take away, says Box CEO Aaron Levie

Artificial intelligence (AI) will bring about huge innovation to several sectors of the economy, including health care, predicts Aaron Levie, the co-founder and CEO of enterprise cloud company Box.

This cat is as mesmerized by optical illusions as you are - CNET

A famous optical illusion doesn't stand a chance against the hunting instincts of a bored housecat.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

This device claims to turn any surface into a smart interface

Welle can instantly turn any surface into a smart interface, according to CEO and founder Mark Zeng.

Google offers at least $880 mln to LG display for OLED investment: Electronic Times

Google Inc has offered to invest at least 1 trillion won to help South Korea's LG Display Co Ltd boost output of OLED screens for smartphones.

Ram debuts two new 'cool' color options for New York - Roadshow

They are literally cool, in the sense that they're blue and green.

This Ford Fusion is the first pursuit-rated hybrid police car - Roadshow

It'll save police departments -- and, by extension, taxpayers -- plenty of cash in fuel.

Tesla denies report it is planning to open a factory in Guangdong, China

Tesla Motors denied a local report that said it was planning to open a factory in China's Guangdong province.

As cities get smarter, hackers become more dangerous: This could stop them

Smart city projects around the world need to bolster security measures to fight online threats if they want to succeed.

This was the hottest tech 30 years ago... in 1987 - CNET

From home robots to calculator watches, this was the hottest tech of the Ronnie Reagan era.

Israel's newest war machines - CNET

The Israeli Defense Forces use the most advanced military technology to protect its 8 million citizens.

A founder-CEO's secret to success: First get started, then get smarter

Don't expect to get things done if you wait until you're perfectly prepared, Jeff Lawson says.

Male seahorses shoot out babies like they were bullets - CNET

Well, this is a most disturbing and also oddly fascinating video. Thanks, National Geographic!

JBL's Flip 4 Bluetooth speaker is the best Flip yet video - CNET

JBL has redesigned its popular Flip speaker, making it fully waterproof and slightly larger, which leads to better sound.

Liberal Facebook activism skewered by Louis C.K., SNL - CNET

Commentary: You know those liberals who think that all they have to do is post their support on social media and not actually do anything? This is for them.

Six new accessories to make that slog through the airport—and your trip—less stressful

On your next trip, consider a luggage scooter, a $230 travel bag, or a jellybean scented purse.

Want to found a start-up? These are the books you should read first, a top VC says

The key to success is often information gathering, Gurley said on Thursday from the LAUNCH Festival in San Francisco.

Hackers blamed for activating emergency sirens in Dallas - CNET

Residents get a Texas-size wake-up call from 156 city emergency sirens.

Uber banned from operating in Italy - CNET

Ruling in suit filed by taxi groups finds the mobile app constitutes unfair competition, Reuters reports

CalDigit Tuff is a portable drive for the complete klutz video - CNET

CNET editor Dong Ngo explains how the tough and fast CalDigit Tuff is great for those with anger management issues and extreme clumsiness.

Spotify CEO confirms death of company executive in Stockholm terror attack

Daniel Ek said a Spotify team member died in Friday's suspected terror attack in Stockholm, Sweden.

Trump suddenly tweets explanation for not bombing runway - CNET

Commentary: After the bombing of a Syrian airport, the president turns to Twitter to answer a question that he must have felt many were asking.

At least 3 states are trying to replace the online privacy rules nixed by Trump

Local lawmakers are exploring how to change the way internet providers collect and share information, Recode reports.

On SNL, Alec Baldwin is both Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump - CNET

Commentary: In a skit already popular on YouTube, the Fox News personality and the president decide they have much in common. What could it be?

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Release Date, Price and Specs - Roadshow

When the 475-horsepower Grand Cherokee SRT just isn't enough, throw a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 under the hood.

Wonga breach affects 'up to 270,000 in UK and Poland'

The payday lender says bank account numbers and home addresses were among the information stolen.

Taxpayers have lost billions to tax scammers: Here's how to avoid becoming a victim

Fraudsters are trying to get their hands on your tax refund, or scam you into sending them money.

Nightingale sweetens your smart sleep routine - CNET

The $300 Nightingale sleep system brings stereo sound to your slumber.

Twitter's livestreaming effort takes a serious blow from Amazon - CNET

The social network lost some leverage in the emerging livestreaming race after Amazon won NFL streaming rights.

UltraBeer trades too much flavor for a good head video - CNET

This fun gadget leaves stirred-up beer in its wake.

Microsoft changed how the Xbox One Home button works, and I'm not sure I like it - CNET

One button press becomes three. Also, I'm old and resistant to change.

Xbox One changes up the Home button video - CNET

More clicks to get to the main menu screen, but faster Guide access.

Review: TreePod Camper

Review: TreePod Camper
Why sleep on the cold, hard ground when you can hoist this two-person tent up in the air? The post Review: TreePod Camper appeared first on WIRED.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Morgan Freeman spoofs 'Shawshank Redemption' narration - CNET

The acclaimed actor is ready to get busy living, or get busy going viral, with this clip from "The Graham Norton Show."

Woman falls 60 ft while taking selfie on bridge, police say - CNET

Commentary: A woman allegedly gets onto a closed walkway on California's tallest bridge just to take a selfie. It's not a good idea.

To tackle 'big urban problems', Google's parent company is briskly hiring in health care, biotech

Those in the life sciences industry have mixed feelings about Alphabet playing in their backyard.

'Bernie Sanders Show' brings politics to podcasting - CNET

Politicize your podcast list with the Vermont senator's talk show, which includes such guests as Bill Nye the Science Guy.

A sleek and sexy convertible Chromebook for commuters - CNET

The Asus Chromebook Flip C302CA is an attractively affordable and compact 2-in-1 Chromebook.

At Google, gender pay gap 'systemic,' says Labor Department - CNET

The US Department of Labor accuses the tech giant of compensation disparities across its workforce. The company flat-out denies the allegation.

Seattle Mariners selling toasted grasshoppers at ballpark - CNET

Buy me some peanuts and grasshoppers. Wait, what? Toasted insects crawl onto the Safeco Field ballpark menu.

Carrie Fisher will appear as Leia in final 'Star Wars' movie - CNET

"The legacy should continue," the late actress' brother Todd Fisher says of his sister's role in the film saga.

Emotiva's $229 BasX A-100 amplifier wows the Audiophiliac - CNET

Don't let the Emotiva amplifier's low price lead you to underestimate its capabilities.